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Hello, I am Ruthann!

I own and operate Quilting by Ruthann. I work out of my home doing custom quilting and have been in business since 1997. I have taken classes at the International Machine Quilters Showcase since 1997. Each year there are new things to learn and new quilting ideas to bring home. I belong to the Great Lakes Machine Quilters, DeKalb County Quilt Guild, and Heritage Sewing Bee.

The quilting industry is changing a lot today. More and more quilts are sewn on quilting machines. Many fancy patterns and free motion designs are now possible because of the quilting machine.

I work on a Gammill Classic quilting machine. My Gammill is an industrial sewing machine that allows me to do the fancy stitching on the quilt top. People bring me finished quilt tops and I put the quilt together. I pin the quilt top on a roller and pin the quilt bottom on another roller. The batting is threaded between the two layers. All pieces of the quilt sandwich are then pinned to a third roller. The quilting machine glides on tracks over the quilt and I guide the machine to sew the desired design.

Ruthann's Gammill

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