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Many old and antique quilts are still unfinished, either due to disrepair or inexperience on how to finish the quilt. I have experience quilting and repairing antique quilts. These types of projects are a labor of love! I know how much your antique quilt means to you and I will endeavor to work with you to finish/restore it without taking away from the original workmanship.

If you would like more information, please send me a description of the quilt to finish or damage to repair, along with your contact information and I will phone you to discuss!

Payments: A deposit of $50.00 is requested. You will be notified by phone or eMail when the quilt is finished and final payment is due at this time. When the final payment clears the bank, the finished quilt will be mailed back to you.

I offer billing via PayPal, eMail or over the phone. Free return US Mail on all orders.

Click here to email me questions about ANTIQUE QUILT FINISHING AND REPAIR!

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